media training

Most brands use ambassadors and sponsored athletes to promote their services over social media; we help the people representing you get the most impact from their social feeds.

Our media training combines public speaking coaching with covering the essentials of photography and filmmaking, designed to help your ambassadors tell their story in an effective and attractive way.


Public Speaking

Kumba Public Speaking Training is designed to give ambassadors the opportunity to get to the heart of their talks and gain knowledge of how to put a talk together and deliver it well.

It’s for all adventurers and explorers who use public speaking as part of their brand, and for outdoor brands who sponsor athletes and want to be seen in the best light. For outdoor brands we can run collective training sessions for multiple athletes.

We look at everything from PowerPoint design right through to stage craft and delivery. We work at the ambassadors pace to get the most out of them.



Kumba Photography Training looks at how to capture epic pictures in the field. Brand ambassadors will always need to show off what they do and tell stories about their travels.

For outdoor brands it’s beneficial to work with athletes who can take compelling images for use in blogs, social media posts and more. The training teaches the basics of photography through indoor classrooms but then moves outside to look at how we capture dynamic images in the field.

This training won’t negate the need for professional photography in product artwork and advertising, but it will make sure ambassadors are capturing great shots and showing your brand at its best every time they’re out in the field.



Kumba Film Training looks at the basics of making videos for social media and larger campaigns.

It’s designed to make sure athletes and ambassadors know how to use their own cameras, capture clean audio and the essentials behind getting quality footage that your brand can use.

We look at filmmaking from the core concepts of storytelling, whilst making sure that the essentials of tech knowledge are woven in.

The aim is for ambassadors can create more compelling content for their own social media channels, and potentially also create some media that can be used in advertisements and campaigns by your brand.


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